Michelle Fields Seeks Civil Action Against Trump Campaign For Defamation

In the wake of the news that Corey Lewandowski will not face charges for an alleged battery, Michelle Fields is said to be pursuing civil action against the Trump campaign, which set out to attack her credibility from the get-go. Fields is launching the civil suit soon, according to TheBlaze.


Throughout the incident, Trump has firmly stood by Lewandowski. Both have characterized Fields as a possible liar. Lewandowski called her “delusional” and Trump went as far as to question whether the bruises on her arm were even from the incident.

Fields, along with several of her colleagues, left Breitbart as a result of the incident. She has since received numerous death threats, prompting her to abandon her apartment. One of the threats, which TheBlaze obtained audio of, is being investigated by the authorities.

Fields is set on seeking justice in an incident which catapulted her to the forefront of news stories both pro- and anti-Trump. The grabbing incident, which she alleges was a battery, happened at a Trump rally in Florida. Hours before Fields said she would be seeking civil action, a Florida prosecutor, who was also featured in numerous stories and blasted by Trump as someone politically motivated, said that charges would not be filed against Lewandowski.



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