Rachel Dolezal Thinks Race Is Just An Identity

One year ago, Rachel Dolezal made headlines by not being black. Specifically, she made herself out to be, lied about her family, and didn’t see anything wrong with how she had handled anything. The TODAY Show, clearly running out of things to talk about, had Dolezal on, I guess to she if maybe she was still insane.


Turns out, she still is.

And, because race is such a contentious issue because of the painful history of racism – race didn’t create racism, racism created race – I think it’s important to really think through those kind of topics and questions that people have, and that’s why this became kind of so, um, visible, because it really challenged people to think about identity and what is race? Is it one human race or is there, like, you know, why do we still want to go back to that world view of separate races?

First of all, I am assuming Donald Trump writes her monologues for her. Secondly, her very thesis here is that race is just an identity. That is the exact language used by people who call themselves transgender or gender fluid (yes, that is a thing). Recognizing one person’s feelings on the subject surely means we have to respect another’s, right?

I’m not too sure. After this morning’s interview, a lot of people were on Twitter calling this woman insane, an attention whore, and everything else. They don’t want her back in the news anymore. But, hey, she’s writing a book. Sadly, however, 50 Shades of Gray wouldn’t work for the title.


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