Team Trump: Ted Cruz CHEATED To Win Wisconsin

It all began with a statement that you will never convince me wasn’t written by Donald Trump himself. In it, the Trump campaign claims, with absolutely no evidence whatsoever, that Ted Cruz was coordinating with his Super PAC. If it were true, it would be highly illegal and extremely difficult to prove. From there, the cult behind Trump began the type of meltdown that can usually only be seen when someone from TMZ gets too close to a celebrity.


With spin that would make 80s group Dead or Alive proud, A.J. Delgado, a very loud mouthpiece for Trump, got the ball rolling.

Soon, everyone on Twitter who supports Trump was making similar claims. The votes were rigged, the votes don’t make sense, or whatever. There are references to the laughable ARG poll from two days ago that showed Trump up 10 points over Cruz. There are people crying, having expected the Wisconsin surprise Donald Trump predicted prior to the primary.

Every claim the Trump campaign is making is, of course, nearly impossible to prove, and that’s the point. They will claim that while you can make the accusations, not only will they likely not get investigated, but even if they did, you can’t really definitively say they didn’t happen.

People are losing their minds over Donald Trump’s fourth loss in a row. And, Wisconsin wasn’t so much of a loss as it was a rout. Now, if you believe the rumors that New York might even be in play, all of a sudden, you are looking at the possibility that Trump isn’t just going to be shy of the 1,237 – he’ll be well below it.


Luckily, there’s spin out there for that, too.

If these people were people in your family or that you knew and liked, you would sit them down and have an intervention.


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