Ted Cruz WINS Louisiana, Donald Trump Threatens To Sue

Donald Trump barely won Louisiana’s primary. In fact, he lost the actual primary day turnout. A big win in early voting helped him keep the lead, but it was close. So close, in fact, that for all intents and purposes, it was a draw.


Enter Louisiana politics. Via my colleague streiff:

What is very clear is that if Donald Trump is not awarded the nomination on the first ballot, his bloc of delegates will melt away and his wins are not being capitalized upon because his campaign is essentially incompetent.

You see, when it came down to the actual election of the delegates, Cruz had more support in the room. This gives him an advantage over Trump, and one that plays into the narrative of the anti-Trump crowd: Trump isn’t likable enough to actually win. His campaign can’t organize well enough to actually get his delegates to the convention, and party leaders don’t like the guy enough to follow his lead.

Of course, being the loser he is, Donald Trump responds as only a loser can: he threatens to sue:


And this, dearest friends, is exactly what Donald Trump does. He fights, he doesn’t win, he sues in order to bully people into submission. He fights, he doesn’t win, he attempts to smear them. He fights, he doesn’t win, he negotiates his way down and calls it a win while calling everyone who negotiated with him a total loser (Sad!).

Trump will get exactly nowhere with a lawsuit on this, of course. This is all happening legally, according to state party rules. If he wants to sue anyone, he should sue himself for general incompetence. Of course, he would in the process smear himself, declare himself the loser, and still call himself a winner at the end of it.

Even better, none of it would matter in the eyes of his mindless hordes.


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