Ted Cruz, Greg Abbott, and John Cornyn Continue To Fight For Veterans

Ted Cruz and John Cornyn, the U.S. Senators from Texas, and Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, issued an open letter last week to add pressure to the Department of Veterans Affairs to fix the problems that continue to run rampant.


Since the VA scandal blew up in 2014, the Investigator General has been hard at work finding out just how badly VA administrators have been mucking things up for veterans in dire need of health care. In Texas, a recently concluded investigation of 12 VA facilities concluded that a culture of fear led to the adjusted wait times of patients.

The politicians’ letters ask for more to be done to fix the problems.

We remain troubled that the VA continues to fail to provide timely health care to our nation’s veterans, despite receiving enhanced authorities and funding from Congress to hire new employees and address additional problems facing the VA.


The IG reports indicate that improper training, lack of supervision and non-centralized scheduling are the primary causes of the data manipulation. However, some employees reported feeling pressure to change wait times or risk getting fired.

The letter ends by calling on the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs, Robert McDonald, to remove the administrators who have been utterly failing in their jobs.



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