Donald Trump and Joe Arpaio Hit A Roadblock At Arizona Rally

Protesters are shutting down roads on the way to a Donald Trump rally in Arizona in an effort to… You know what? I’m actually not sure what their goal is. It’s really difficult to think that they are going to persuade anyone with this stunt. In fact, multiple media reports are showing those caught in traffic vowing to support Trump harder, so, good job, guys!


Even better, you know who was supposed to be providing the security at the rally? Joe Arpaio. Sheriff Joe Arpaio. You know, the sheriff who rose to national prominence in 2010 for supporting an Arizona immigration bill that would allow police to stop people if they suspected them of being illegal immigrants? Yeah. That guy is at the Trump rally. He talked to the media about how excited he was going to be to be there.

“Here I’m gonna be kinda wearing two hats — in charge of the security there in the town and also participating, I would imagine, with Trump in the rally, so it makes it interesting,” Arpaio told Politico, adding that it “is going to be a lot of fun taking care of business there.”

You want to “dump Trump?” You don’t earn him more media coverage. You don’t give one of the loudest voices on immigration in Arizona the chance to talk to the media about it. And, you definitely don’t, you know, protest in less than legal ways. That’s just dumb.


Look, if you want to protest Donald Trump? Okay. Great. Go for it. But, do it in smarter ways. Don’t let every major media outlet record you doing something illegal and  something that pisses people off to the point that they do the opposite of what you want just because you inconvenienced them.

Come on, people.


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