Trump Campaign Very Upset About Louisiana Delegates

A lot of Trump folks are not very happy about the fact that Ted Cruz tied Donald Trump in the number of delegates he received from the Louisiana Primary on Saturday. The head of Trump’s campaign in Louisiana, Woody Jenkins, posted a lengthy rant on how unfair it is and said that it is, somehow, a violation of the 14th Amendment.


The problem for Team Trump is that they simply did not take part in writing the formula for handing out the delegates in the first place. This comes from the Louisiana GOP Executive Director, via the Hayride:

I sent out a memo to the campaigns last week telling them how the calculations would be done. We wanted to announce before the election how we viewed proportionality. The rules provided the authority for the Executive Committee to do so.

We asked Woody [Jenkins] on multiple occasions to send his suggestions. He sent nothing.

We sent the memo out to all campaigns and received no objections. The intro of the memo said “Below are the mathematical formulas we intend to use to determine allocations tomorrow. If you have any questions or objections, please contact me immediately to discuss.” Woody had four chances to participate in writing the formula and declined.


The Trump folks didn’t participate in writing the formula that would ultimately determine how many delegates their candidate would get. That’s beyond irresponsible. It’s negligent and, if you care about such things, it’s going to hurt Trump in the long run.

Of course, if you’re like me, you’re hoping for more Woody Jenkinses across these United States.


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