Your Options Today. Don't Ruin This.

As a good many Americans go to the polls today, it’s important to remember exactly what your options are:

The first option is a stalwart conservative who has gone to Washington D.C. not to make friends, but to make enemies. This is not a flaw to his candidacy, mind you – Ted Cruz’s appeal is that he has gone to D.C. without becoming a creature of D.C.


The second option is a more mild-mannered conservative who’s record is marred by his participation in a bill that was pro-amnesty. Despite that bill, Marco Rubio has shown he is every bit the type of conservative we as a movement could hope for. He fights for the basic tenants of conservatism, but is seen as more pragmatic.

The third option is a liberal Republican who leads a state that is seen as one of the biggest indicators of how the nation will go in a presidential election. His expansion of Medicaid, his justification that God tells him to expand the state’s power. John Kasich may play the “nice guy” on the campaign trail, but there is nothing there to show that he will fight the fights that matter.

The fourth option is a doctor with a soft voice who may or may not be asleep at any given moment he is in front of a camera. Ben Carson a brilliant doctor, and a nice guy, but has shown himself to be petty and whiny when it matters most.


The fifth option is a Democrat. His name is Donald Trump.

Only the first and second options should appeal to you at all. If you are even consider three, four, or five, then you are voting for Hillary Clinton. End of story.

How can this be any clearer?



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