Here Are The Super Tuesday Early Calls

With polls closing, the major networks are going ahead and making calls in states they consider easy to predict. Many of the networks indicated as early as thirty minutes before the polls closed in Vermont, Virginia, and Georgia that it could be night to remember for the anti-Trump crowd.


Early Calls:

  • Fox News and the Associated Press* call Georgia for Donald Trump.
  • Too early to call in Virginia and Vermont.
  • CNN is calling nothing at this time. As of just before 7:30 p.m., CNN also calls Georgia for Trump.

Exit polling in Virginia shows Donald Trump with 34, Marco Rubio with 31, and Ted Cruz with 16. Some results are also showing an early but small lead for John Kasich in Vermont.

Stay tuned to RedState for more as it comes in.


*The AP actually didn’t call it for Trump in Georgia until 7:39 p.m. EST. They actually had to clarify that they had not called it prior to that time, despite what initial reports were saying.


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