Blaspheming The Prophet Trump

Donald Trump believes in nothing. Well, that’s not necessarily true. Sure, his beliefs are transitional as he moves from posturing to the negotiating table. His allegiances have never been to the side of the conservatism he now claims to represent. He has no substance, won’t disavow the most despicable of his supporters (like David Duke), acknowledges and is even proud of his use of Mussolini quotes.


There is something that Donald Trump believes is: Himself. He believes in his infallibility, that what he says will be taken as truth. He knows there will be detractors to his cause and policies. He will tolerate that. But, he absolutely will not tolerate attacks on his person. He can make those attacks, but you cannot make them of him. You cannot make fun of his short, stubby fingers. You cannot impugn his wealth. You cannot talk about his marriages or his family life.

This does not just apply to him, but to his followers. They will attack you, send you threats, try to ostracize you, yell at you from behind anonymous Internet accounts, and do whatever they can to silence you.

They will even declare jihad on you.

There is no difference in the way Donald Trump supporters react and the radical Islamists react to you saying anything disparaging about their religion or their Prophet. And, like radical Islamists, their goal isn’t just to become the dominant force. They want to completely eradicate everything that disagrees with them.



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