(VIDEO) John Kasich Has Full Confidence In Donald Trump's Ability to Win

John Kasich has been running for Vice President of these United States this entire time. It was only a matter of when he’d finally reveal his intentions to the masses. That time is now, and his allegiances, you may be shocked to discover, are to Donald Trump. Just take a look at the second most John Kasich delusion John Kasich could have (the first being that Jesus Christ Himself came down from on high and told Kasich that Donald Trump was the Second Coming):


REPORTER: So, when we head into these March 1st dates, I know these aren’t your northern states, your thing, but what are your strong states?

KASICH: I think we’re gonna do… Nobody’s gonna do well but Trump. That’s first of all.

REPORTER: You think nobody else is going to win? You think Cruz is going to lose Texas?

KASICH: Well, look, (insert stuttering)

He also goes on to say later in that same interview that he thinks he’ll do well in the northern states and Mississippi for some reason.

First of all, with the exception of Ohio, there is no poll in any of those states that shows Kasich even within striking distance of Trump. In Ohio, he is behind Trump in a distant second place. Only drug-induced fantasies can remove someone so far from reality.

But, more importantly, Kasich knows this. He absolutely knows he is not going to win any state on Tuesday. He is auditioning for Vice President, and Donald Trump is the guy he wants to work for. Why? Because they are both liberal Republicans and they just want to negotiate with the other side.


If you want to be Vice President, get out of the presidential race and just join Team Trump. Take your knowledge of the federal government’s inner workings and just go be a part of the sloppy self-love carnival that is Trump 2016.


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