President Trump's White House will be full of Katrina Piersons

Donald Trump is an unserious candidate who is dominating the Republican race for president through his capitalization of fear and civil unrest. The people who work for Trump on this campaign are just as unserious as he is. Take, for example, Katrina Pierson, who is the spokeswoman for the Trump Campaign.

As far as unserious goes, Pierson’s own Twitter account is a veritable stockpile of the types of thoughts and statements that make a Trump Administration as hilarious a concept as it is frightening. Take, for example…

Hashtag sad, indeed, Katrina.

Oh, and she believes the Republican Party is racist, too. In case she deletes any of her embarrassing tweets, don’t worry! Mediaite has them screencapped forever.

Pierson is the exact type of bombastic personality that we can expect to see in Donald Trump’s White House. She is interested entirely in being loud and out front, and more importantly interested in herself over others. It is no coincidence that a woman who wants to start her own clothing line would join a high profile campaign that would have her face constantly out in front of cameras. This type of attention-seeking behavior in many areas of the Executive Branch would create worse issues than a White House full of people who take cover for an inept president.

Can you imagine a White House full of Katrina Piersons? It would be a trainwreck we would be able to look away from… Not that we could. The reality show that will be the Trump Administration will be on every news network every day, with every thing transcribed in full for us as a party to regret.