CRUZ: Establishment moving to Trump because Rubio has no chance (VIDEO)

It’s a bold statement, but Ted Cruz is making it. The GOP establishment begins by anointing Jeb Bush, who fails miserably, so they move over to Marco Rubio. Now, they see Rubio floundering, so they are headed to Donald Trump. Ted is positioning himself as beholden to no one, while the other candidates will be beholden to the establishment in the end. He said all this in an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox.

It very much is becoming a two-man race between me and Donald, one of the signs of that, is you are seeing the Washington establishment dumping their candidates.

For example, a lot of the stablishment was behind Marco Rubio, but they have discovered that he does’t have a path to victory, they’re moving to Donald Trump.

We’re seeing that more and more.

It’s curious, Donald is publicly bragging about how all the big establishment players are getting behind him.

Cruz’s path forward is to make himself the outsider while everyone else is in the pocket of the Powers That Be. And, for now, it appears to be working.