VIDEO: "We're not even told" when Syrian refugees enter states

North Carolina governor Pat McCrory appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s show, discussing the Syrian refugees coming to the U.S. and where the government sent those refugees once they got here. According to McCrory, the Obama administration is not telling the states when the refugees are coming. This makes it very difficult for state government agencies to track potential terrorists.


Local Homeland Security agencies are not kept in the loop when the federal agency makes these kinds of decisions. There is no communication between the states and the federal government. Much like the government’s decision to not check up on the social media accounts of immigrants from hostile areas of the world, this is a very dangerous lack of security. That local law enforcement is not in any way made aware of when these refugees are coming in is downright neglect of the American people’s safety.

And, this isn’t speculation. Simple monitoring of the San Bernardino terrorists’ social media accounts would have raised a few flags. But, instead, our government is going to focus on public relations and political correctness. How many more people will die because of this administration’s neglect?

(h/t Truth Revolt and Digitas Daily)


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