The Real Intelligence Manipulation Scandal

There is a lot of talk about how there is this massive scandal on the intelligence reports on ISIS being manipulated in order to make the JV team look like a JV team. The fact that this is happening is a major problem in the U.S. intelligence community is atrocious and shows just how much government can be twisted into nothing more than a massive ego-stroking operation for one man.


That, however, is not the real scandal here. There is one far worse, where the manipulation of intelligence has become all too apparent, and yet it is receiving very little in the way of national discourse.

We manipulated the intelligence of more than fifty percent of the American public into thinking Barack Obama is an actual leader.

These are the words of a man who cares for nothing beyond his own personal legacy. He doesn’t want to take an active role in the world. He just wants to be remembered as a man who implemented social reforms, changed a nation and the world, and did it as the first black President of the United States.

How could anyone read or listen to those words and not wish to find a busy highway to go play in? Not 24 hours after the State Department issued a WORLDWIDE travel alert, these are words that a man who is one of the most powerful people in the world actually said. This president is a man who can do something about the people who cause us to have WORLDWIDE travel alerts, but he is instead focused on cementing a legacy.


Climate change can wait a few weeks while we bomb the ever-loving hell out of people who are slaughtering innocents in the Middle East and planning attacks on major cities in the Western world. If any of the predictions about what climate change will ultimately do are true, then we have 50-100 years before the water in the Gulf of Mexico turns my front yard into beachfront property.

This is a man who is dangerously unserious about the problems of the world. This is a man who is only concerned for the things that happen within his bubble, and it is costing us and the world dearly.


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