Reason appears to have left Reason

Reason is a libertarian-leaning website that, on a good day, can have some truly thought-provoking pieces on civil liberty and society’s march toward a much more over-bearing state. Today, however, we got this cross-posted editorial:


Murphy recently was fired from his job as executive director of St. Francis Home, an assisted-living facility, because he’s a gay man in a gay marriage.

Nope. He was fired for being in a gay marriage, which is a clear violation of the Church’s stance on traditional marriage.

“As a Catholic organization, we expect the employees of the diocese and its ministries to uphold and embody the consistent values and truths of the Catholic faith,” the diocese explained in a statement, “including those preserving the sanctity of marriage.”

Really? Because as Bill Harrison, executive director of Diversity Richmond, wrote in a column on, that’s pretty rich coming from an institution that spent decades “protecting child rapists” within its ranks.

Perhaps it’s misguided to expect the Richmond Diocese to atone for the larger church’s sins by condoning what it sees as another one. Or perhaps, after its own egregious behavior, the Catholic Church has eternally forfeited any right to condemn anyone for having a long-term committed relationship with, note it well, a consenting adult.

It appears that we’re going there.

This is not the attack of a libertarian mind. This is the attack of a social Leftist who believes that religion is problem, and that the government has the right to override what religions can and cannot do in the public square. This man was employed at a clearly Catholic institution, which follows Catholic principles. It is mind boggling that someone would assume that an exception to those principles – indeed, the very things that makes the Church what it is – could be made for them.


And to further use the “protecting child rapists” line (a favorite of the anti-religion Left) is a clear sign that there is no logical argument to be had here. Using emotional attack line of “They raped kids and they hate gays!!!” in order to make a point, rather than use logic or, dare I say it, reason to make the case for this man’s right to be employed by an institution he is clearly not a part of because he is violating on of its core principles.

I’m not sure who thought it would be wise to post the editorial to Reason’s site or to keep it up there, but it is a huge slap in the face to those who believe in liberty of all types, including religious liberty… although, apparently, that can just take a backseat to all the others. It’s not as important.


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