There is Evil, but we no longer know what it looks like

Yesterday, President Barack Obama called for the politicization of the Oregon tragedy. We should absolutely politicize these tragedies, he argues, in order to affect real, meaningful change in society. And thus goes the typical logic of the extreme liberal, who truly believes society’s ills can be legislated away.


But evil cannot simply be wished away with some sort of legalspeak enchantment wild voodoo lawyers recite around fires as they sprinkle the blood of the innocent over the flames. The world does not work like that, despite the best efforts of liberals through the years. Evil, you see, has no nationality, no borders to remain within, and certainly no compelling urge to follow the laws of man. It is a force that exists solely as the antithesis of what we know to be right and just.

But, what is right and just? The current society holds views vastly different from the days where Evil was clearly identified. We could see evil in the actions of Hitler and earlier tyrants. We see genocide around the world and the sexual abuse and torture of children in third world countries. But, here at home, culture has so greatly changed that we cannot see Evil on our doorsteps.

The Left would proudly attack the Right for trying to legislate morality, to fight what it sees as Evil, though they in turn will try to force their own morality on the country through laws with no sense of irony anywhere. Sure, the issues of gay marriage and sodomy are certainly not equal to murder in terms of the gruesomeness of the act, but abortion most certainly is. It is the taking of human life, is it not? Planned Parenthood profits off abortion just as much as the NRA profits from the right to bear arms. But guns must be used in the incorrect manner in order to be deadly. Abortion has one purpose – to snuff out life.


There is a great Evil in the world today, and whether you are Christian or any other religion (or lack thereof), you have an almost instinctive sense of right and wrong and what is good and evil. The culture around us wishes to change the perceptions of good and evil in order to live life freer of the consequences of our actions, however, and many (in particular those who are my age and younger) are being pulled into a similar world view.

Sure, the president can politicize Oregon. He can talk about what is right and what is wrong. He can call for this law or that, and he can preach and lecture to us all day long. But in the end, he and his side of the aisle politicize the wrong thing. They preach and wail and lecture against tangible things. They personify things as evil, but Evil is so much more than some object. It is a force we will forever be at war with.

But, right now? We’re losing that war.


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