The Iran Deal Has A Twitter Account

The “I Can’t Even” I’m feeling right now is enough to make a teenager at Starbucks tell me to calm down.

The Iran Deal has a Twitter account to stop the spread of misinformation about the Iran Deal. You know, that misinformation that the Chiefs of Staff, Congress, several world leaders, and the American public seem to be focused on. The misinformation that, if you read everything about the Iran Deal, is actually what the deal says.


Thanks to the wonderful world of Twitter, the government can create and have verified in the same day an account that tells the “official” facts of a deal that is being widely covered. Friends, readers, allies, I ask of you: Would an administration that is telling you the truth need an official Twitter account to push out their propaganda? You know who has professional media solely devoted to pushing out their message?

…Well, yes, the cynical person would say this administration does (Hi, POLITICO, et al.!). However, I was referring more to North Korea. China. Russia. Those places whose leaders do things that may not be really worth broadcasting in case some of it were less than pleasing to the public eye. I’d have thought that America wouldn’t have need of propaganda tools like this anymore.

Of course, come to think of it, there was a hotline established to call if your family, friends, or neighbors didn’t like the Affordable Care Act, so maybe it’s just my youthful optimism that’s getting in the way here.


And, before anyone Left of Center makes the accusation: Yes, I would be pretty damn offended if a Republican administration tried to push out propaganda like this on me. But then again, I don’t have to worry too much about Republicans asking me to report people for having the “wrong” information. Historically speaking, that’s a delightful trait of the Left.


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