What's after the Confederate flag?

It’s never enough. You know it. I know it. Hell, they know it. They get a victory and they keep going, convinced the world, history, and even reality bend to their will. The problematic Confederate Flag has come down in South Carolina, and its image is under assault everywhere else. The Fighters Against All Offensive Things Ever have declared their next target: The fleur de lis.


NEW ORLEANS — The fleur de lis is a symbol that is deeply ingrained in Louisiana’s history. Seen in architecture, the state flag and on the helmets of the Saints, it’s everywhere.

But while it is now seen as the mark of our great state, it was once used to mark slaves.

“Code noir, those words are French and mean black code,” said slave historian Dr. Ibrahima Seck.

The black code was a set of regulations adopted in Louisiana in 1724 from other French colonies around the world, meant to govern the state’s slave population. Seck said those rules included branding slaves with the fleur de lis as punishment for running away.

“He would be taken before a court and the sentence would be being branded on one shoulder and with the fleur de lis, and then they would crop their ears,” Seck said.

Seck said if that slave ran away a second time, he or she would be branded again, but with another brutality added. Their hamstrings would be cut.

Never mind that it isn’t a symbol used in outright defiance of a nation or used by people who wish to start race wars. Never mind that it is doesn’t call to mind the same issues the Confederate Flag does. It was used in relation to slavery at one point in history, and it therefore must be removed from public view.


At what point do we ban anything made from cotton? Chains? Anything even remotely related to slavery? Guilt by association isn’t just for people now. It’s for anything problematic. A stylized flower is a problematic. Let that sink in.

It’s never enough. You know it. I know it. Hell, they know it.


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