Hypocrisy in "Game of Thrones" outrage

I should preface this by saying I don’t watch Game of Thrones very often. The gratuitous sex and gore is a little more than I care about seeing. I’m much more into superhero shows and crime procedurals. That said, if the reaction to Sunday night’s Game of Thrones from the bloggers is anything to go by, Sunday’s was particularly rapey.

Well, by particularly, I mean “probably not very out of the ordinary considering the entire rest of the series.” Sonny Bunch over at the Free Beacon lists a lot of what the show has to offer:

  • A woman was sold into sexual slavery by her deadbeat brother so he could raise an army to take back Westeros; she was raped in literally the first episodes of the show.
  • A small child was thrown out of a tower and crippled by an incestuous pair of twins.
  • Those twins would later have awkward, kinda-rapey sex on top of their dead son’s grave.
  • A pregnant woman was stabbed in the womb about 57 times as a way to punish a man who broke his vow to marry a psychopath’s daughter. That man was stabbed in the heart moments later.
  • A man seeking vengeance for the rape and murder of his sister had his head crushed like a melon.
  • The only good person in the entire seven kingdoms was beheaded while his daughters watched.
  • A man was murdered on a toilet. (He probably had it coming, though.)
  • A man was tortured for literally an entire season, eventually having his penis and testicles cut off.
  • A prostitute who we came to know and love was killed just for funsies at the close of an episode.
  • A man had sex with a witch in order to give birth to a demon who then murdered that man’s brother.
  • A whole bunch of awesome dogs (well, Dire Wolves) have been killed, in at least one case just for spite.

What seems so curious to me is the Online Left’s reaction, including the reaction from [mc_name name=’Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’M001170′ ] on Twitter. “We won’t be watching this anymore,” they all said. They were offended at a woman getting raped on her wedding night. Keep in mind, a similar thing happened to Lucrezia Borgia on her wedding night, but apparently no one was watching The Borgias, which is sad because Jeremy Irons was playing a corrupt pope.

Why is it so curious to me? These are the same people who were perfectly willing to go to bat for Democrats who were, up until a few weeks ago, obstructing a bill that worked to help those victimized by human trafficking. McCaskill’s party abhorred the idea that there was anything even remotely related to hindering abortions (an act that kills children, you see), that victims of human trafficking had to wait.

So, you’ll forgive me if I dismiss the idea that an always-violent television show is suddenly unwatchable because of an event that isn’t even new to the show, if that idea is presented by people who are okay with obstructing bills that attack human trafficking issues and who are okay with killing kids.