Candidate Briefing: Sam Adcock

In northern Mississippi, the most interesting election you haven’t heard about is unfolding. Thirteen candidates have entered the race to replace Alan Nunnelee, who died while in office. Of the thirteen candidates, several are recognizable local politicians, some lawyers, and one who has business experience, is not a professional politician, but who still has political experience. That candidate is Sam Adcock.

I was able to have a long talk with Adcock about the issues of the day, particularly the ones his district cares about. Conversation ranged from Iran and Israel to the economy and bringing jobs into his district to who, if any, of the 2016 candidate he might prefer. His answers are long and thoughtful, and from my time speaking with him and his campaign, I got a sense of genuine interest in speaking out on the issues not just to promote his campaign, but because he is passionate about fixing the problems.

This isn’t an endorsement (I’ll leave that to the professionals), but if this is your district, he’s definitely a guy worth consideration.