E-mailgate is Dead! Long live E-mailgate!

David Brock penned a brief column over at USA Today that is about as David Brock as it gets.

If anyone was wondering why the Republicans have stoked this e-mail controversy, you now have your answer: the investigation into the Benghazi tragedy is all but dead and this is a desperate gambit to keep it alive in the 2016 elections.

Millions of taxpayer dollars have been spent on multiple reviews and investigations looking into the tragedy, and nothing incriminating has been found. Ten congressional committees have participated in the investigations, which have included more than 50 senior level staff briefings, 22 hearings, five independent/bipartisan reports, dozens of interviews and the disclosure of at least 40,000 pages of documents .


Brock joins multiple Democrats in saying that the scandal is all but dead now, but Brock’s assertion that Benghazi “truthers” are still hoping to find something is a bit absurd. To say that the Benghazi committee has found nothing incriminating is entirely laughable because what the hell do you think this e-mail controversy is if not incriminating? The word “incriminate,” according to Dictionary.com, is “to accuse of or proof of a crime or fault.” We know that:

  1. Not keeping records on a government server violates records rules
  2. Not turning over evidence to a congressional committee is a serious violation
  3. Putting national security and classified information at risk of breach is absurdly stupid.

Therefore, we can assume that, yes, the committee found something incriminating. Even Democrats are admitting that this wasn’t a great idea. Martin O’Malley, after saying yesterday he was bored with the scandal, today says “…Yeah, I’d have used an official e-mail.”*

But, given all that, Brock believes there is nothing to see here. Even if the Benghazi investigation were a pointless waste of time from here on out, multiple things branch out from this one issue (most notably, the Clinton Foundation scandal). Take into account that her statements were contradictory at best. At worst? She shows a rather disturbing lack of technological knowledge that proves she is not fit to run an advanced country in the modern era.


I said it yesterday: I won’t say her campaign (which is increasingly looking like it won’t be starting soon) is dead in the water, but… If I were a Democrat, I wouldn’t be Ready For Hillary.





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