#TXGov: Wendy Davis asks Greg Abbott to ignore a law she voted for

If you were hoping for a doozy of a debate Friday night, the Texas Gubernatorial debate proved to be a wonderful experience for us all, and definitely a learning experience as Wendy Davis was shut down in an argument she was making, then proceeded to lose her mind.


In case you missed it, here’s the highlight:

Davis: Will you drop your appeals in this case?

Abbott: I would, except a law you voted on won’t let me.

Davis: Attorney Generals* around this country have stood up to their legislatures.

Me: …what

(A brief aside here in the interest of fairness: I believe she was actually allowed to have that rebuttal and that the moderator might have been in the wrong there. Not 100% sure, but I saw a friend who works as a journalist in Texas mention something to that effect.)

There is one of two ways to interpret this: Wendy Davis is admitting she is wrong OR she is using the classic Obama ideology of just ignoring the damn law. Of course, if Wendy Davis was running a smart campaign, it was all an elaborate ruse to try to sucker Greg Abbott into admitting he will not abide by the laws in his state. But an intelligent campaign this has not been. Rather, faced with being completely shut down in her argument to make Abbott look like another soulless Republican, she rambles on about defying the state legislature, of which she is a member and is one of the very legislators who tied his hands in the first place. Therefore, it seems tremendously hilarious that Davis would suggest Abbott ignore the law she helped pass in order to urge him to do something she thinks is an issue she should be fighting for.


Are any of her remaining campaign staff on suicide watch yet?



*Yes, I know it’s “Attorneys General,” but in the heat of the moment, when you are babbling to save face, the rules of grammar do not necessarily apply.


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