Republican Allies use "War on Women" Rhetoric in Support of Export-Import Bank

The Democrats, wielders of the “War on Women” rhetoric and the ones who made ending “corporate welfare” a party cry, have made a clear exception for the Export-Import Bank. Cronyism is a money-maker and a power guarantee. The hypocrisy alone of a president who ran on leveling the playing field staying silent on this issue. In 2008, we know he ran on ending it. In 2012, we know he called for Congress to extend its lifespan.


In 2014, he and his party once again want to renew it.

Among the biggest forces behind the push to renew it is a large contingent of lobbyists and public relations groups pouring money and manpower into the offices of lawmakers, intent to make sure money flows to their clients. One of the biggest groups behind the renewing of the Ex-Im Bank is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which is now borrowing some of the aforementioned rhetoric from the Democrats.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the foremost lobbying force for Ex-Im, recently posted an article on how crucial the bank is to women-owned businesses. Citing the chamber’s own research on women entrepreneurs, writers Stefanie Holland and Roberta Phillips note that “women-owned firms have grown at one-and-a-half times the rate of other small enterprises in the last 15 years and now account for nearly 30 percent of all new businesses.”

Holland and Phillips, directors of the chamber’s International Policy division and Center for Women in Business, respectively, also cite theSmall Business Administration’s assertion that the main problem for small businesses, “especially women- and minority-owned businesses” is a lack of access to capital.

Clearly, the only solution is government aid.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is setting up a “war on women” argument for supporting corporate welfare. The fruitful but wholly mismanaged teat of the government is far too sweet for them to let go of, and so they are borrowing increasingly failing rhetoric to try and keep the milk flowing.


President “End Corporate Welfare” and his party should, if they were intellectually honest, be appalled that their political strategies are being used by a group seen largely as a Republican ally. Instead, they keep quiet, with some incumbent Democrats completely capable (and willing!) to use Chamber talking points against Republican challengers.

Ultimately, the Ex-Im Bank is not a partisan issue, as both Republicans and Democrats are foolish enough to continue supporting the scheme to give taxpayer money to big business.


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