Rejecting the Cult of Death™

I’m not a plumber, but I do know that I do not have the proper plumbing to incubate and produce a child. Three years ago, I would have told you that means I really can’t speak on the subject of abortion because I could never know the emotional or physical toll being pregnant and having a child would bring.


I am a millennial and I am a graduate of a liberal arts school. I am a journalist. Despite all that, three years ago I was fairly libertarian in my beliefs. I still have libertarian beliefs (breathe easy, my foreign policy beliefs are rooted in a more normal foundation), and I still don’t like to talk about the subject of abortion largely because I hate confrontation (with people who have insane devotion to the Cult of Death). But, my feelings, my beliefs, have changed. Also, I don’t own enough fedoras to actually be a modern era libertarian, but that is a different matter.

I have a two year old daughter.

That alone wasn’t enough to make me change, mind you. There were other factors, and even after she was born, I was terrified of the idea that she would be used to make a political point. I mean, just because I have become involved in this twisted hobby that is political blogging doesn’t mean she needs to get drawn into it… right?

The road to becoming a conservative for me began in college. The road to becoming pro-life took a little bit longer. I can tell you exactly when I made the decision to devote myself to representing that side, however.


The responses I got after that only really helped to cement my decision to speak up. Some folks were not all that pleased that I dared to ask the question. (The deleted ones were the best. Seriously.) You see, I remember vividly what was going on at 20 weeks when my wife was pregnant. There were responses to light and sound. My daughter was active in the womb. I think she really enjoyed listening to Pink Floyd in the car.

I can’t be certain of that last bit, but if she didn’t, she’s likely not my child.

I didn’t, and still don’t understand, what on earth takes so long to make that decision. By that time, there is little doubt there is a life within the womb that can be worth saving. And the Cult of Death chooses to ignore that by making it a women’s rights issue. But, even if you believe that it is not life, you must still believe it has the potential for life, which is just as important.

I don’t wish, by any means, to condemn the person who chooses to get an abortion. I don’t choose to harass them or make them feel guilt for it. I believe in the idea of saving someone from sin, but I also believe equally, if not more so, at helping someone seek forgiveness, both from God and themselves.


The person who tends to be moderate can understand this. The conservative knows this. The libertarian ignores it. The liberal ideology is one that chooses to celebrate this life. In many cases, it chooses to celebrate it a little too hard. It is an ideology that rejects any life before or after this one. As a result, it is difficult to get someone of that ideology to understand the potential harm they do to the future when they end that life/potential of life, and they choose to reject it. But, I wish to fight for the future, and while it took me 20-something years to figure it out, that includes the future lives that are extinguished before they have a chance to flourish.

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