Reclaiming the Party

This is just embarrassing.

Those were Erick’s words earlier this afternoon, and the statement is absolutely correct. The Republican Party, as it is and as it has been, is an utter embarrassment to those who vote for them. The guys up top – Boehner, McConnell (ESPECIALLY MCCONNELL), Cantor, Cornyn and the rest – listen to money, lobbyists and, strangely, Democrats, for guidance on what to do next. The little guy, you and I and the rest of the electorate, have no say in what they want.


And, like a contagious disease, their wavering loyalty to those who elect them is contagious. Consider the case now of Rand Paul, who lends his support to McConnell over Matt Bevin and votes with McConnell in the CR debate. One of the fastest rising stars not only because he ousted a RINO but because he was a fresh philosophy that nonetheless advocated the liberty we all wanted to see more of, Paul is now looking to stay in the establishment’s good graces (you need support to run for president, you know).

And, for you and me and the other little guys out there, the situation seems hopeless. There is no way to make our voices heard anymore.

Wait. That’s actually not true.

So, recently, I got in touch with the Louisiana Republican Party and said “Hey. I’d like to help out.” Currently, for those of you who live in Louisiana and are unaware, there is a tour the party is making around the state, meeting with local voters and activists. The entire goal is to defeat Mary Landrieu here in the state, the last elected liberal statewide official. She is running for re-election and, as I’ve mentioned a few times before, there is the GOP establishment guy, Bill Cassidy, and the outsider, Rob Maness, who RedState supports.

Well, I received a call from the state office today, from the regional director of the area where I live. He asked if I would be interested in being a precinct captain, and I said yes. We exchanged contact info and that was that.


It was that easy, folks. You can do the same in your state. It’s a simple matter of getting involved. Call your state office and say “I want to help.” Drag some friends into it. It’s almost like political pay-it-forward as you get folks more and more active. You work from the ground up. That is the definition of grassroots.

So, while you listen to talk radio and hear desperate callers saying “What can we do?” you sit there and think to yourself “This is a guy/girl who isn’t trying.” Because all it takes are a couple of phone calls and e-mails.

Let’s take our party back, shall we?


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