The Idolaters' Holy Trinity

When Moses descended the mountain on which God gave him the Law, he saw the refugees he was leading worshiping a golden calf. It is a story directly tied to one of the Ten Commandments: You should not worship any other gods before the one, true God. The future people of Israel violated this on day one. We are human, destined to sin. It’s in our nature.


But, idolatry is not just the worshiping of another god. It is putting anything over Him. Money, food, physical desires… you name it, it’s wrong. In politics, we really, really get it screwed up.

In American politics, there is a sort of Holy Trinity. It’s a bit different than the Christian one because the members of this Trinity are followed only by people of their political persuasion. For the Left, the idol is President Barack Obama; for the Right, it is former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin; for the Libertarians, it is Ron Paul.

The problem with the cults of personality behind these three is that they put the man (or woman) over the cause more often than not. Consider the recent event with the former Alaskan governor. She actually admitted she could consider a third party run. If you think about it, that does nothing more than draw votes away from the party that (for the most part) is lagging behind the Democrats. But if you were to try to say that out in the open, Palinites would rush you faster than hot kids to an ice cream truck. You could be buried in replies on Twitter for implying that she is being stupid. But, in reality, it was a stupid comment.

Ron Paul idolaters do not at all stop to think what the realities of his frankly crazy policies would be. Withdrawal of military presence across the world opens it up for China and Russia to move in to the void we leave behind and gain global influence while America unsuccessfully tries to hide itself away. And, for you legalize everything folks, see if you can go back and tell me what insurance rates were like before Prohibition and what they were like after. I’ll give you a hint: the latter spiked.


And, our dear friend Barack Obama, the idol of the Left. We can already see what happens when, as Rush Limbaugh puts it, the Left circles the wagons to defend him. Their own credibility is shot and it is very much costing them. They don’t yet understand the idea of supporting the cause. They truly believe one man can lead them into political prosperity.

Some of you may be offended that I am referring to you as idolaters. Sorry to upset you, but in the current political climate, that is exactly what a lot of us have become. Whether (for us) it’s Palin, Cruz, Lee, Jindal, Perry or whoever else – remember that no one is perfect. Remember when we all thought that of Marco Rubio?



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