Rob Jesmer: Super Tuesday's Super Loser

So top NRSC strategist Rob Jesmer, who gave us the Charlie Crist debacle and backed Bob Bennett in Utah, had another banner day on Super Tuesday’s primary contests. The two candidates he fought to get the NRSC to back suffered embarrassing defeats (Arlen Specter & Trey Grayson) , and the two candidates he tried to destroy (Pat Toomey & Rand Paul) cake-walked into big victories.


Jesmer got NRSC’s John Cornyn to go all-in for Specter last year. A few weeks later, Specter repaid Jesmer’s confidence in him by switching parties and went on to support Obamacare. Yet, not even the Democrats could stomach Snarlin’ Arlen’s crass opportunism. Conservatives knew Specter was untrustworthy for years, but the DC GOP strategists like Jesmer kept telling us Arlen was the best we could ever hope for.

Well, the voters disagreed with Jesmer and instead voted overwhelmingly for conservative Pat Toomey who ran on commonsense solutions and an end to the bailouts, takeovers, wasteful spending and runaway debt. Toomey is the clear favorite against liberal Joe Sestak in the fall. Sestak’s support of Obama’s government takeover of health care, failed stimulus, higher taxes, and wasteful earmarks will not wear well with Pennsylvanians.

Jesmer got the NRSC to help push consistent conservative Jim Bunning out of the race. Then, Jesmer got NRSC and Washington insiders to fundraise for Trey Grayson against tea party favorite Rand Paul in Kentucky. The establishment-picked Grayson ran against balanced budgets, for earmarks, and for federal control of education. The GOP establishment pulled every trick they could to stop Paul, even lying to Dr. James Dobson. Well, Kentucky voters gave a big “hell, no!” to Grayson. Rand Paul’s huge win was a blow to Jesmer’s goal of electing moderate Republican who will fall in line to the marching orders of DC GOP strategists. Rand will instead follow the Constitution and the principles our nation was founded on, which probably are radical ideas to beltway insiders.


So far, Jesmer’s picks of Crist, Specter, Grayson, and Bennett have all tanked. How’s his other Washington-backed picks doing? Jane Norton couldn’t even make the GOP nominating convention, and is losing to tea party backed Buck in Colorado. Despite money and name ID, Carly Fiorina is floundering in California. Sue Lowden is now the butt of jokes nationwide and may soon be overtaken by tea party favorite Sharron Angle in the polls.

Republican grassroots have been told for years we had to settle for RINOs, but now we know better. Conservatives have stood up and fought back, and now we have a chance to put freedom fighters like Marco Rubio, Pat Toomey, and Rand Paul in the Senate.

Now is the time to fight back even harder. If conservatives continue this momentum nationwide, we can add freedom fighters Ken Buck, Mike Lee, Sharron Angle, Chuck DeVore, Christine O’Donnell, and Ovide LaMontagne to that list. Some of these candidates are winning and others haven’t broken out yet. But all of them are strong conservatives that can win in November if we unite and help them win their primaries now.


Don’t settle for Jesmer’s stale establishment vision of the GOP in 2010. Elect freedom fighters.


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