Feel Good 4th! MLB Players Refuse to Leave the Field After the National Anthem Is Played

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The fate of the patriots who signed the Declaration of Independence has some myth attached to it, but suffice to say that the men who signed that document knew that they were in for some hell on earth. Many of them lost everything. Some lost sons in the war. Most had their property seized by the crown. Many of their homes were looted – all for a cause they knew was right, but far from certain. 


We honor the country they created, but we should also remember that they sacrificed everything for an unknown future. I wonder how many Americans would take even a fraction of the risk they took to defend freedom? 

Becky Noble wrote Thursday about the degradation of pride in our country:

 A new Gallup poll, taken between June 3-23, shows that just two in five Americans, roughly 41 percent, say they are "extremely proud" of being an American. It is the fifth consecutive year the number of those polled has fallen into the 38-43 percent range. Of those polled, another 26 percent said they were "very proud" to be an American. Among other respondents, 18 percent said they were "moderately proud," 10 percent said they were "a little proud," and thankfully, just five percent they were "not at all proud." 


It’s a shame. I would bet my house that the majority of the people in the (literal) bottom five percent have been fed propaganda and have made few if any sacrifices for the privilege of being an American. Thankfully they remain in a relatively small minority of disaffected and unhappy people. 

In that light - I you give a feel-good story before you head to the BBQ and blow up some firecrackers.  

On this 4th of July, the Yankees played the Cincinnati Reds in the Bronx. The Yankees wore a version of their throwback uniforms and hats that looked kinda cool. As is the custom, the national anthem was played, and the players stood proudly throughout. Most went back to their dugouts after "home of the brave" - but five players remained on the field holding their hats to their hearts. Two Reds and three Yankees refused to leave the field. It was a patriotic standoff

 The pairs of teammates refused to leave the field until they could be the final ones to remain in salute. Each player stood tall at the edge of the dirt, long after “The Star-Spangled Banner” had concluded - even to the point the other Yankees players took to the field to begin the top of the first inning while they remained. 

Home-plate umpire Alan Porter was forced to gesture to both sides and requested they leave the field, but neither budged. The third-base umpire Jim Wolf also spoke to the players before Yankees manager Aaron Boone ordered his players to return to the dugout. 


Once the Yankee players were forced to leave first, the Reds players celebrated their “Merica!” victory.  

To make it even sweeter for me (I’m a Dodgers fan), the Reds completed a sweep of the Yankees.  

God Bless America!



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