Cost for Your 4th of July BBQ Has Exploded, Thanks to Joe Biden

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Joe Biden’s first Fourth of July as president, the inflation rate had climbed to 5.4. That was close to four times the 1.4 rate of inflation he inherited in January 2021. Prices for everything were going up. The following month, Biden's Afghanistan debacle illustrated his failure as a president with people falling out of the wheel wells of a C17. Then, 13 American soldiers were blown up because of Biden’s hubris and lack of competence. Joe showed he wouldn’t be pushed around – so he ordered a JDAM strike. It killed 10 innocent people, mostly children.  


Biden further defined his heartless incompetency by checking his watch while the bodies of 13 heroes returned home.  

Inflation was accelerating like Usain Bolt out of the blocks. In response Biden's team did this:

Biden was mocked relentlessly by the few media outlets willing to fact-check Biden and his tone-deaf team. The Washington Examiner wrote

Biden rightfully got roasted for this tone-deaf tweet at the time, with critics mocking the White House for touting a 16-cent decrease for one meal while food prices away from home were up 4.2%, energy was up 24.5%, used cars were 45%, and so on. 

According to the Farm Bureau (the same source Biden used for last year’s tweet), a July Fourth meal this year will be 17% more expensive. That’s an increase of roughly $10 for the average family’s meal.

Sometimes a simple cartoon tells the story too:

Debacle after debacle on both the international and domestic side. In March 2022, the Fed started raising interest rates, but like a runaway train, it would take time to bring it under control. In July 2022, inflation had topped out at a staggering 9.4. Inflation had hit a 40-year high. Biden's monetary team was too late stomping on the brakes. Joe’s second and third Fourth of Julys as president, the country was experiencing cost of living increases that most Americans had never experienced. 


There weren't subsequent Fourth of July flex tweets from Biden's team about saving 16 cents. In fact, the cost of food had skyrocketed. 

So what are food costs for this Fourth of July BBQ?   

Biden isn’t just responsible for inflation at the pump and at the grocery store and Fourth of July BBQs; he’s responsible for increasing the hyperbolic rhetoric. Biden called voting rights reform a “21st Century Jim Crow Assault.” Did he ever tone that down? Nope. Although voter participation has increased in Georgia, Biden still maintains that requiring ID to vote is racist.  

Biden inflated that rhetoric with threats that Americans would die like a Hollywood plague movie unless we all submitted to COVID jabs. Jab after jab.  A “Winter of Death” was coming unless we listened to the America’s Lawn Gnome, Lord Fauci. It never came.  

Biden’s team has inflated the rhetoric and gaslit America with claims that what you see isn’t real. What you heard wasn’t said. Somehow, every video of him presenting like a human carrot is a “cheap fake.” 


Will Biden’s social media nerds post something on this Fourth of July about how good everyone has it under his inflation thumb? Probably not if President Jill Biden has anything to say about it.   



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