Trump-Hater Mark Cuban Gets Scammed for Second Time in a Year

AP Photo/Ron Jenkins

There is no shortage of big-name never-Trumpers. Most of them reside in Hollywood and DA offices and Silicon Valley, but Mark Cuban is kind of "new" to the Trump-hating legion. Like many of the Trump-haters, he goes on X to complain about either Elon Musk and the end of democracy or Trump and the end of democracy. Perhaps at the same time. Maybe Cuban has been a long-time hater – I don’t know, but X (I still want to call it Twitter) has seen fit to load Mark Cuban into my feed for unknown reasons. I'm not complaining - there are some interesting replies to his posts, and when he gets gloriously punked, there are plenty of people who grab screenshots before Cuban wakes up and deletes it.


Cuban made his first fortune a long time ago. He sold his company and bought a share of the NBA team, The Dallas Mavericks. He became famous because of his big mouth. I’m pretty sure that he holds the record for big-mouth fines.

Donald Sterling was banned and fined $2.5 million for being a raging racist, but that was one fine. Sterling couldn’t be fined more. Apparently $2.5 million was the maximum allowed. Stern would have fined him more but couldn’t so he banned Sterling and forced the sale of the LA Clippers. 

Cuban spent a good part of his Mavericks ownership flapping his lips and was fined heavily. As in, 20 times. The total for being a pain in the rear cost Cuban a total of $1.9 Million to the NBA and an equal amount to charity. In other words, his hubris cost him $3.8 million. Sterling’s fine cost $2.5 million plus presumably an equal amount to charity. So, Cuban’s "big pie hole" cost him almost the same amount as a raging racist.

In 2023 Mark Cuban, tech smart guy and minority owner of a basketball team, likely clicked on a phishing link instead of his crypto currency wallet and boom, his wallet was one million dollars poorer. Oops.

 When he wasn’t blowing spittle at NBA refs, the NBA commissioner or people on Shark Tank, he was selling the Mavericks. He sold the team for a nice tidy profit. But he proudly paid his taxes.


But I'm still proud to be able to give back to our country. I've said it for years. After military service, paying your taxes is the most patriotic thing we can do.

Cuban has made his distaste for Trump pretty public. Sometimes it’s ironic nonsense like this: 

It was glorious to watch one more moment when Cuban, tech smart guy and gold seat member of the “I’m smarter than you crowd,” get taken once again by a scammer. Cuban didn’t just get taken -- he had to roll out of bed and tell everyone that he got punked.


He doesn’t have a fraction of the personal wealth of Elon Musk but he can still afford to be scammed for the rest of his life, at least from a money standpoint. I'm not sure his reputation can take many more "I was scammed by a Nigerian Princess" moments. Either way, the internet is forever and so is the hit his "financial genius" status just took.




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