Branch COVIDianism - COVID Lockdown Three Years Later

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At the time it almost seemed cute. Fun, in a way. Like I was in a movie. I remember walking my dog on a deserted golf course. The only human on a golf course on a clear warm day in March. I took my dog off the leash and let her chase birds. The birds weren’t used to being chased by a dog. They were used to golfers in carts. I felt like Will Smith in “I Am Legend.” Just my dog and me, and the birds. No one on the golf course. Avoid the zombies. There’s one hidden waiting to bite me on the neck and turn me into a zombie. There weren’t even cars on the road.


That was three years ago when we as a nation were cowed into believing COVID was like an invading army of zombies. Hide the kids! Or just hide. If we just stayed inside, hid in the dark for two weeks, we’d be saved. Fauci would save us. Don’t touch your face! Don’t touch anything! Horde the toilet paper! The glib litter man will save us all.

Listen to the experts. Listen to the science. Listen to a little man who would be king. He later called himself the science. Within weeks, the whole country was cowed into believing if you touched your face, COVID would invade your body and take you to a ventilator and you’d die, drowning in your own fluids. But thank God we had dancing doctors and dancing nurses. By the way, that video link to a Townhall tweet was disabled by the creator claiming a copyright violation. It wasn’t a copyright violation, they just didn’t like being mocked. But, they saved us, with dances. Dancing teachers too.

Mask up.  We could save mankind with paper masks.

I was yelled at on walks when I didn’t have a mask on. I remember a couple walking around me like I was a leper. Cowering. I could infect them with just a look. COVID could spring from my eyes my mouth and my ears. There was a man who walked around my wife and me, and he pulled up his arm like his arm was warding off evil spirits. The spirit of COVID. Be gone, evil people! A woman yelled at me from across a park.


“Where is your mask?!”

It became something of a joke. A sick joke. I started to enjoy being yelled at for not wearing a mask in the open air. One-finger salute and have a nice day — you nut.

After reading the forbidden text from the forbidden doctors I started to see we were being cowed. Even now the “Great Barrington Declaration” is suppressed. So are doctors who dissented. The House Republicans opened a hearing on the origins of COVID with witnesses who weren’t allowed to speak in public. To repeat – COVID was “real” it was dangerous to subsets of some people. I started to see that the prevailing claim that it was a “killer” for everyone, was nonsense. “You get it, you’re dead,” was a myth. Faucism was a lie. Worship for that little man was cultish. We have a good friend who was thrilled to get a Fauci Christmas ornament for her Christmas tree. Hung it right next to Jesus in the manger. That sort of nonsense wasn’t based on science or logic.

Of course, COVID was “real” but much of the mitigation was nonsense. Six feet distance? What’s that based on? It was arbitrary nonsense but you were still pointed at as “evil” by the COVID Nazis. It’s easier to see how an entire nation of people followed a nut in Germany. Sure the clowns at Media Matters will claim I’m a fringy “denier” equating Nazis with doctors trying to save humanity. I am not. But many of the COVIDians just followed orders and never bothered to question why. Why six feet distance? Is there some science that supports that? Do paper masks really work?  And the jackasses who seemed to get off yelling at people who didn’t wear the ribbon, aka: wouldn’t wear a mask. Cultish behavior is dangerous. COVID was a killer. Sure. Dangerous to old people and people with preexisting illnesses.


Remember. It’s a simple thing. But sometimes the worst of memories are blocked. Maybe it’s a protective instinctual thing. Memories of pain or painful memories seem to fade quickly. Last year, an infection migrated to my spine and stopped there like a criminal who decides to target a random house. I “remember” being in so much pain that I couldn’t move. It hurt so much that I couldn’t walk. I didn’t want to walk. I’d collapse before taking two steps.

Why am I bringing this up and what does it have to do with COVID? I got COVID at the tail end of my recovery from that infection. I was still in pain. I was still connected to a “PICC” line. I admit that I was worried about what COVID would do to me.

Within a few days, the worst of my symptoms had passed. Four days later, I was “fine.” For me, it was, in fact, “like the flu.” Your symptoms will vary. I’ve had COVID and I’m still here. I golfed with a friend a few days ago. He was in bed with the flu for a week. COVID for him was like a cold.

What’s worse? Maybe believing power-hungry little men and little women who want to control your lives. What you can wear. Where you can go. People who want to hide information from you, and firmly believe that they are the arbiters of truth. People who contend you are too dumb to make your own decisions are dangerous. It was about control. Remember that the next time they claim they are here to save you.


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