Cry Baby Students, Dean Shout Down and Lecture Federal Judge Trying to Speak at Stanford Law School

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Stanford has been a leader in going woke.

It dropped its Indian mascot in 1972, and never replaced it. Maybe administrators anticipated that any 3-dimensional “thing” would be considered controversial so Stanford is just a color. Cardinal. Cardinal – as in on the RGB value scale – 196,30, 58. Remember that “cardinal’ isn’t a “color” on the alphabet soup flag. Something the wokest of the woke can now complain about.


51 years later, one cannot go or speak anywhere without idiots invading and making a mockery of free speech. On March 9, 5th Circuit Court of Appeals judge, Kyle Duncan was invited to speak at Stanford Law School. The school’s federalist society extended the invitation.

Duncan was appointed by Donald Trump. And Duncan isn’t bowing to the demands of the pronoun police. In one case, he refused to bend a knee to the transgender mob. Norman Varner is a sex offender and a thug. He was convicted in a child pornography case in 2012, which followed a long history of sex offender offenses. Varner was sentenced to 15 years. At some point in his incarceration, Varner claimed he was a woman and his name was “Kathy Jett”. Varner wanted his court records to reflect that he was now a woman. Varner demanded that all court documents be changed to refer to him as Kathy Jett, not his dead name. “Jett” also demanded that his pronouns be “she/her”.

Duncan wasn’t having it. In a majority opinion, Duncan said the record was clear and would remain unchanged with “Norman Varner” as the convicted sex offender.

Stanford’s law students knew that Duncan wasn’t an “ally” and like all leftist and transgender terrorists, they refused to let Duncan speak. Not only was he shouted down by students, an administrator stepped in – but not to stop the absurd and childish screaming students and vulgar signs, rather she stood up to lecture, the judge.


In the several-minute-long speech, the associate dean launched into the usual talking points that Duncan was “literally denying the humanity of people”. She said:

Although she was “uncomfortable”, with law students yelling at a sitting judge she was siding with the students, his speech was “abhorrent” and “harmful” and “literally denies the humanity of people.”

Who is this administrator?  Her name is Tirien Steinbach. Steinbach is the associate dean of Stanford’s law school and her title is Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Apparently “DEI” has Associate Dean status at Stanford Law.

The associate dean was specifically referring to Varner when she claimed that Duncan was “literally denying” a person’s humanity. Varner, who had spent years consuming and retaining child porn, was being harmed because Duncan wouldn’t use Varner’s female pronouns. Once imprisoned Varner’s humanity increased because Varner had decided that he, was a woman. Stanford’s DEI dean decided Varner’s pronouns trumped Judge Duncan’s right to speak. Duncan had finally had enough and left. He said of Stanford’s circus clowns:

“Don’t feel sorry for me,” he told the outlet. “I’m a life-tenured federal judge. What outrages me is that these kids are being treated like dogs**t by fellow students and administrators.”

Judge Duncan also called the whole absurd stompy-feet sideshow a “bizarre therapy session from hell.”


Here is an example of future lawyers and Stanford’s  “big thinkers”:

To Stanford’s credit, it  issued an official apology that in part reads as follows:

We write to apologize for the disruption of your recent speech at Stanford Law School. As has already been communicated to our community, what happened was inconsistent with our policies on free speech, and we are very sorry about the experience you had while visiting our campus.

We are very clear with our students that, given our commitment to free expression, if there are speakers they disagree with, they are welcome to exercise their right to protest but not to disrupt the proceedings. Our disruption policy states that students are not allowed to “prevent the effective carrying out” of a “public event” whether by heckling or other forms of interruption.

In addition, staff members who should have enforced university policies failed to do so, and instead intervened in inappropriate ways that are not aligned with the university’s commitment to free speech.

Good for Stanford. In an honest world where someone fails so miserably to do their job and does so in such a spectacular way, that person would be looking for work. But Steinbach won’t lose her job. She is a Black woman and Stanford would erupt if it terminated her employment. The law students won’t face any consequences.


I’m at the tail end of my legal career. I’ve avoided, for the most part, ridiculous babies with Bar cards. I did have one lose a motion to me, and then slam his papers on the desk. The judge called him a petulant child. I imagine that in today’s courtrooms that petulant child might get away with disrespect.

We need more Judge Duncans who will refuse to bend a knee to the thought police and transgender nuts and those who insist on denying reality.


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