American Idol's Katy Perry Mocks Married Mom for Having Three Children by the Age of 25

Katy Perry makes mocks 25 yr old because she has 3 children. (Credit: ABC)
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I don’t watch American Idol. When it debuted, I did. It struck me as an interesting format and it was a chance to spend time with my wife. My interest faded. Sure, there was talent to be found. Kelly Clarkson was the show’s first winner, and she did pretty well. But it became apparent that in the talent-search stage, ten percent of the show was finding talent, and the remaining ninety percent of the show was the producers highlighting and mocking delusion.


Wanna-bes were paraded in front of the original hosts and they were asked to sing (or present a facsimile of something the would-be contestants claimed was them singing). Often it was just awful and embarrassing. Contestants would find a heretofore unheard-of key and they would be shut down by Randy Jackson with a: “I’m just not feeling it, Dawg.” Or Simon Cowell putting up an open hand and saying something to the effect:

“That was possibly the worst version of [Name a pop tune] that I have ever heard.”

Cowell was brutal — but honest.

Poor deluded American Idol dreamers almost certainly had trophy shelves loaded with sixth-place trophies and participation ribbons. When contestants were shown the exit without a “golden ticket,” and their 15 seconds of fame was used up, they would usually walk into the arms of an equally delusional mom who then would recoil in shock that their child had been rejected.

Rest assured, those contestants were repeatedly told and over again that they could sing like Aretha Franklin. Their moms, dads, or even “Auntie M,” told them they were “great” saying: “I’ve never heard anything like it!” The latter would be accurate, but not in a good way. Awful contestants would range from pedestrian at best, to ear-murder at worst. But one thing the judges didn’t do, was viciously attack and mock someone because they were, for instance, a young mom. If a contestant in a singing competition is wholly untalented at singing, that fact is fair game. What isn’t fair game? Mocking a woman for being a mom.


American Idol is still on the air and the judges are now Luke Bryan, Lionel Ritchie, and Katy Perry. I was sent a video of a contestant’s audition.



The effusive red-headed woman named Sara Beth presented in front of Bryan, Richie, and Perry for her audition. Sara giggled as she announced that she was 25. Lionel playfully observed that Sara doesn’t look 25. Perry said “15.” Sara then added that she has three children. Perry reflectively lept to her feet and acted like she was about to throw up. It seemed that Sara believed (incorrectly) that Perry was admiring her motherhood and said:

“If Katy lays down on the table I’m gonna pass out.”

Perry said in response:

“Honey, you’ve been lying on the table too much.”

Perry added:

“If it’s not your dream, you might need to leave because there’s a lot of dreams behind you,”

After Sara had finished singing, Perry noted that she admires people “who would lay down their life for a golden ticket.”

In one respect, that makes some ghoulish sense. Perry admires a woman who will do “anything” for fame, but mother of three before 25? That’s a bridge too far.

Yeah, I’m not a Katy Perry fan. Lots of people love her. I’m not one of them. Perry is a fan of abortion on demand. She tweeted that, in America, sparklers have more rights than women.


Anyway, I didn’t know there was an International Women’s Day, during “Women’s History Month.” Apparently, it’s today. I celebrate women every day.

Katy Perry celebrates women who would lay down their lives for a piece of paper and a fleeting moment of fame. Motherhood? Not so much.


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