WaPo Runs Interference for Hunter While Laptop Shows Hunter Withheld Employee’s Pay for Sex

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Joe Biden and the Biden family along with Democrat acolytes and political hacks have been running cover for Hunter Biden for what seems like, forever. Hunter is a past and present combination of a degenerate liar, a drug-addicted loser, a philandering sexual deviant, a child-support dodging jerk, and the idiot bag-man for the Biden family but his protectors have told America that his life of grifting and using his last name have nothing to do with the “Big Guy”.


His protectors run the gamut from intelligence operatives willing to lie about Hunter’s laptop claiming it was a deep-fake Russian disinformation op, to political hacks, dressed as journalists. Take Glenn Kessler for example. On Thursday, Kessler mounted his mighty steed and launched a 2,000-word “fact-check” in which he defended Hunter Biden’s email on Burisma as nothing more than Hunter Biden doing some deep-deep research on his subject matter, pulling information from multiple news sources. Kessler began his defense of the castle with a reminder that Hunter is a Georgetown and Yale Law graduate and must have picked up some skills along the way. Kessler soft peddles Hunter’s multiple and well-documented grossnesses and abject incompetence with the following:

“Hunter Biden has had a checkered life, marked by substance-abuse problems. But he is also a graduate of Georgetown University and Yale Law School. One can presume he acquired some research skills at those institutions. He was also well-connected, with contacts he could draw on for information. In the email he refers to possibly hiring a firm to provide information “that’s not available through a Google search and some phone calls” — suggesting that that is what he relied on for writing the email.

Wait -what? Hunter mentions something one cannot “Google” and that suggests the rest of his email was the result of Googling? Really? The email in question was written the same year that Hunter was discharged for drug use. For years, Hunter was a drug-addicted useless waste of air. When he wasn’t just a drug addict he was banging hookers and pole dancers and usually doing both at the same time. The guy that Kessler is telling us must have acquired some research skills was, around the same time, abusing drugs and cheating on his wife. And the same “smartest guy” Joe Biden knows was leaving his laptop with a repair shop and forgot he had left it there. Yeah, Glenn, Hunter is quite the history of independent reasoned thinking — a real first-world genius who must have employed the patience of Job to read  20 articles you cite as evidence. Then Hunter summarized them, then cobbled his 22-point email together — all by himself. Maybe in-between smoking crack, but all by himself.


Or an alternate theory? Hunter Biden has been a lazy and mostly worthless human waste can most of his life. And maybe, just possibly, Hunter took the lazy route and looked at some classified document(s) and did some cheating?

Kessler says no way – it’s clearly the result of a deep-thinking researching veteran law dog like Hunter. The clear-headed Yale Law graduate must have “Googled” all of that on his own. Kessler gave the alternate theory that Hunter wouldn’t have done such an awful thing as cribbing classified material “three Pinocchios” because who would think that Hunter Biden would, or could stoop so low as to crib from his father’s illegally stashed classified documents? Right? The guy who has admitted to buying crack from a homeless addict would never do such a thing.

I mean it would be so out of character for Hunter.

In related “Hunter Biden is a low-life creep” news, as we reported previously, The Daily Mail has a new story that might shock hacks like Glenn Kessler but it will shock no one else. The story details how Hunter Biden hadn’t paid one of his legal assistants what she was owed. In January 2019, the unnamed woman emailed Hunter and asked why she hadn’t been paid for the previous month and why her health insurance wasn’t “active.” Two months passed, then Hunter Apple-paid her $1,000 for “small stuff.” He reportedly demanded phone sex for her paycheck. That was in March 2019 just two months before he married his current wife. From the story:

“I will bake [sic] up for back pay,” he texted her on March 7, 2019. “You have to make up for back work.” After he sent $2,000 more, she agreed, and Biden set the terms: “The rule has to be no talk of anything but sex and we must be naked and we have to do whatever the other person asks within reason.” The texts go on and Biden continues to send her money as the two have sex over the video-chat app.


That woman handled important tasks that included Burisma documents for Hunter to sign. She was one of four staff members Hunter had sex with.

Glenn Kessler should fact-check this latest “Hunter is a low-life” revelation. Maybe Hunter was just doing research? Kessler might produce another 2,000 words of slobbering support, maybe claiming that “phone sex” isn’t really “sex” like Bill Clinton’s assertions that a blowjob isn’t really sex. Maybe Kessler can find a way to defend Hunter’s apparent extortion of sex-for-a-paycheck as not really illegal because the sex wasn’t in person and the money Hunter sent was electronic — so that wasn’t “real” either.

Maybe Kessler will give the above, “three Pinocchios” too, because the information revealed by the Daily Mail comes from the same laptop that Kessler has labeled “alleged” and, after all, Kessler’s chums in “intelligence” said that the laptop was Russian disinformation op. So, the case is closed, right?

Heck let’s give all of it four Pinocchios. Hunter is clearly a saint. His dad has said he’s “the smartest man he knows”. Likely, he was just doing research. I kinda believe that he’s the smartest man Joe knows. Joe’s not terribly bright.



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