Adam Schiff Steps on Another Rake Claiming 'AAPI Bigotry' in the Monterey Park Shooting

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta
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Over the past six years, Adam Schiff has been the poster boy for abuse of power and lying without consequence. Schiff knew that the Steele dossier was nothing more than oppo-research funded by the DNC and Clinton’s campaign hacks. Nonetheless, he consistently claimed it was evidence of Trump’s wrongdoing. Schiff claimed he had the goods on Trump and would reveal his hard evidence “soon.” He had to hold back because national security was at risk. But “soon” never came because Schiff never had the evidence. In fact, he had proof of the opposite. In short, he lied. Schiff was told early in the investigation, and by multiple intelligence sources, including the FBI, NSA, and the DOJ that there was no link of collusion between Russia and Trump’s campaign, but Schiff continued to claim there was. He had the goods we were told. He didn’t present his “bombshells” as possibilities – they were hard “facts.” Except they weren’t. They never were. Schiff made it up.


When Schiff was chairing the House Intelligence Committee in 2019, he made up what Trump said in his call to Zelensky. Schiff only called it “in part, parody” when his nonsense was called out by another committee member. Media dutifully called it “parody.” Schiff loves to fire up his base with feckless lies. Lying and inventing falsehoods to fit a narrative and energize his base of haters is what he does. It’s what he is good at.

When the Monterey Park shooting victims were still lying on the ground, and survivors were still in surgery, Adam Schiff was pulling a shifty, again. He was making up facts. Schiff was lying, again.

Schiff tweeted:

Schiff was fileted on Twitter, but having facts thrown in his face — or stepping on rakes — never mattered to Schiff. Of course, Schiff had no evidence of racial bigotry. How could he? The victims were Asian, and so was the (alleged) shooter, but facts have never mattered to Adam Schiff. He’s a shameless hack. A panderer. A liar of the first order.

Is it any wonder Speaker McCarthy intends to reject Adam Schiff’s nomination to the House Intelligence Committee? Why allow a known liar to sit on any committee let alone one of the most impactful?


If voters won’t take him out of Congress, the least that can be done is disempower him.


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