Commentary: Disband the Corrupt FBI and Start Anew

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The FBI needs to go the way of the DoDo.

There was a time when I wanted to be in law enforcement. Of course, the pinnacle was the FBI. Every little boy in the 60s watched the FBI and thought – “that would be cool. That could be me”. How times have changed.


It didn’t just start with J. Edgar Hoover. We found out later that the little man wasn’t what he presented in public. He used his powers to excess. He abused his authority and died with his secrets. Mostly. Most people shrugged off his awful behavior because, well, he died before we learned he was a weirdo. When Robert Mueller took the reins at the FBI, we learned of excesses and abuses. Mueller, notwithstanding an attempt to paint him as a “white knight”, wasn’t particularly good at his job at the Bureau and it became clearer once, years after his retirement, he gave vapid testimony to congress. My response was, “this guy ran the FBI”?

Then, James Comey stepped in. A thoroughly corruptible and corrupt bureaucrat, Comey was the face of everything wrong with lifetime bureaucrats. He wasn’t a lawman, Comey was a climber, a man solely interested in his career. He wasn’t interested in doing good or doing right, he was interested in doing what was best for James Comey. A more corrupt creature to head the FBI I cannot imagine in my worst nightmare.


Comey was surrounded by corrupted and corrupt bureaucrats like himself. Some were just plain evil. Peter Strzok, a philandering, manipulator, so bad at his job that he was fired by even corrupt FBI bosses was just one of a cadre of FBI agents that knew that they could lie and cheat and (usually) get away with it. I have no doubt that a culture of corruption and the mindset that they could get away with almost anything started under James Comey. Comey and his flying monkeys allowed the FBI to reach out to social media platforms and pervert them to a leftist agenda. The FBI started by making suggestions then, as agents with political agendas saw an opportunity they turned their suggestions into near demands – influencing elections and turning history to their whims. The “Twitter files” have demonstrated that without a doubt, the FBI engaged in illegal and constitutional influence and stamped on speech. It was unconstitutional. It was unconscionable. And, unfortunately what the “Twitter Files” reveals is the journalists are in the tank for government suppression of speech they don’t like and, even worse it implies that Google and Facebook are still doing the same thing. What we also know is that Google and Facebook are not going “private”, ever so their suppression of speech at the behest of the FBI and leftist will continue, unabated.


It was “our” FBI? No it’s the DNC’s.

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The FBI has too much influence and too much power. It needs to be burned to the ground and rebuilt in the image of America. An image of fairness and impartiality. FBI lost its bearing years ago. End it and restart from scratch. Cut the tether from the DNC to the FBI and start anew.

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