MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT! Jim Thompson NFT Cartoons!


Hopefully, I find you sitting down and ready for my major announcement.

As your favorite cartoonist of all-time, greater than Charlie (I call him Charlie) Schulz, and Walt (I call him Walt) Disney, and I think we all agree bigger than DaVinci or Michelangelo, I am pleased to announce major news — so major, so newsy that you need to be sitting down. Maybe lie down, it’s that major. It’s like no other major news in the history of major news. I am announcing, just in time for Christmas, a limited release of “Jim Thompson NFT artwork.” My first offering is one of my favorites of all time. I call it “Admiral Pronouns.” You might call it the biggest news of the year, and I won’t stop you. You can use my NFT limited editions as trading cards or as legal tender in 216 countries and on Mars.


They are first come, first served. My NFTs are only available for purchase. If you are looking at my first offering of Rachel Levine, (I call him “Admiral Pronouns”) you have, by virtue of looking at it, already purchased it. Keep in mind that you cannot just copy and paste online artwork, because then it wouldn’t be an NFT it would just be a copy. Each purchase is $99, plus shipping and handling.

I’ll be back with more major announcements in the future.

Thank you and thank me for being your favorite major cartoonist of all time.

Merry Christmas, everyone.


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