Former Fox News Guest Cathy Areu Arrested for 'Allegedly' Defrauding Her Mom of $244,000

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You may remember Cathy Areu. She was something of a “regular” on Fox News and the Tucker Carlson show. The early days of Carlson’s show had a number of guests that one would not assume would volunteer to appear. One such frequent guest was Eric Swalwell. He would get his head handed to him each time he appeared and then he stopped appearing. All of Tucker’s liberal guests stopped making appearances because Carlson would, typically gut and roast them.


But one liberal guest continued to make an appearance and continued to have her head handed to her. She was such a faithful advocate of stupid to utterly insane liberal ideas that Carlson gave her a recurring role as the “Liberal Sherpa”. It was a segment where Carlson would offer a completely ridiculous liberal idea and Areu would defend the idea, no matter how stupid, no matter how inane.

I always found her segments ridiculous because she was ridiculous. Her defenses weren’t creative or fun. They were just, stupid. I was also repulsed by her eyes. She had “crazy eyes.” I remember eyes like that when I was single. They were the eyes that screamed, “I’m crazy – avoid me like the plague.” Tucker didn’t listen to his inner man and he continued to have her on his show. Then, she disappeared.

Soon Madam Crazy Eyes filed a lawsuit accusing Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Howard Kurtz, and a bunch of other Fox hosts of sexual harassment. Other causes of action included “wrongful termination.” She got “PR” support from the goon at “Times Up.” Without even looking at the complaint, I was calling BS. And, it turns out it was, BS. Fox quickly produced documents that pretty much proved she was lying. In the fall of 2021, her complaint was dismissed. The judge invited her to file an amended Complaint but she never did. In November 2021, her Complaint was dismissed with prejudice  — which means it’s over, as in, dead.


Madam Crazy Eyes “allegedly” moved on to a different scheme to make money. Areu has been arrested for “allegedly” bilking her own mother out of $244,000. She is also accused of kidnapping, exploitation (elder abuse), and fraud. Most of the money came from pulling cash out of a reverse mortgage and from credit cards she took out in her mother’s name.

Areu had been evading arrest, and at one time fled to Mexico. Areu was arrested this week in Miami.

According to The Miami Herald:

The probe began in 2019 when state welfare investigators received a report that Areu was exploiting her mother. The elderly woman’s home had been turned over to Areu via a quit claim deed, a document the victim denied ever signing, according to the press release. Areu later claimed that other people were exploiting her mother and that the woman had brain damage or dementia, the report said. “Every incident of alleged elder exploitation or abuse touches our heart and never fails to shock us. It seems particularly harder to understand when the alleged perpetrator of the exploitation is a daughter, or a son or another blood relative,”


Using a power of attorney, Areu admitted her mother into an assisted living home claiming she was demented. Her 88-year-old mom was released because she was not, in fact, suffering from dementia.

Authorities likely consider her a flight risk, because Areu remains in a Miami jail cell without bond.

If the allegations are true, Areu is the worst kind of person. I become incensed when my parents get calls from scammers. I cannot fathom how depraved you must be to exploit your own mother and rob your mother for personal benefit. If she’s that person I hope Madam Crazy Eyes spends the rest of her life in lockup.


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