Bonus Cartoon: Sanctioned by Biden, Approved by Satan - the Merchant of Death Is Back in Business

(AP Photo/Drug Enforcement Administration, File)
(Credit: Jim Thompson)

One of the uglier aspects of politics is that hacks like Biden weigh short-term optics over long-term consequences.

Biden chose a photo-op over what will almost certainly be long-term consequences leading to dead Americans and thousands more dead across the globe.


The more I read about the prisoner swap exchanging Viktor Bout and Brittney Griner, the more my stomach turned. It isn’t because Griner admitted her guilt and thusly was never “unjustly imprisoned.” It wasn’t because Griner won’t stand for the flag and national anthem of the country that gained her release — it’s because the deal will cost lives, just so Biden can get his picture taken with Griner and her wife. It’s the worst of political theater, and identity politics.

At one point, Viktor Bout was # 2 on the world’s “Most Wanted” list — right behind Osama Bin Ladin. He was lured out of the safe confines of mother Russia by a deal that turned out to be too good to be true. He was arrested, tried, convicted, and then sentenced to 25 years. Bout is a terrorist. He earned the name Merchant of Death because he sold arms for profit and didn’t care who died as a result of his business. He’s the worst of mankind. He’s an evil excuse for a human and a complete waste of air.

Bout was arrested in Thailand in a sting operation where he tried to sell surface-to-air weapons to South American drug dealers. The “drug dealers” turned out to be DEA agents. Bout never admitted to his guilt. Russia defended him and claimed he was innocent notwithstanding a mountain of evidence. Russia “blacklisted” all the people involved in his arrest, meaning that none of them could safely travel to Russia because they would end up framed like Paul Whelan.


The DEA agent in charge of the operation and Bout’s arrest called Bout the most dangerous man on planet earth. Every man and woman involved in Bout’s arrest and conviction better have their heads on swivels. As certain as I am that the sun will rise, Bout will seek revenge. It’s what he does. He’s the Merchant of Death, The Lord of War — and we just traded that evil in a suit-of-flesh, for an ungrateful admitted lawbreaker. Why? For a Photo-Op.

Satan approves of this result.


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