Hump Day Cartoon: Mitch McConnell's Stinkin' Pile of Midterm Mess Will Take More Than a Pooper Scooper to Clean Up

(Credit: Jim Thompson)

The Midterms are over, and so is any confidence I had in Mitch McConnell. Some pundits were predicting a 54 majority for the Republicans in the Senate. I never thought that was going to happen but I did think the Republicans, at worst, would maintain the tie. Instead, Cocaine Mitch threw money at his buddy in Alaska and threw poop at winnable candidates. They all lost on election day, and so did any hope of the Republicans even holding a tie position. If Sinema or Manchin decide to change their minds, the filibuster will be toast.


McConnell pooped away the Senate. Let’s see if the House can piss away its majority.

Dump McConnell carries a new meaning.



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