Writer for NBC TV Drama New Amsterdam Compared 'No Big Deal' Abortion to a Case of Hemorrhoids

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I admit I am not a fan of TV dramas. But that’s like admitting I’m not a fan of being waterboarded. I’m only aware of what’s on the “big three” during primetime when I enter a room and my wife is watching something or a promo runs during a football game. On occasion, I’ll watch “The Voice” with my wife but even that gives me pause. John Legend is one of the judges and it’s hard not to root against his “team” because he’s married to a loon and supports a talking corpse, John Fetterman.


Last week, I was investing time in my marriage by watching “The Voice” with my wife. A promo for an NBC medical drama called “New Amsterdam” rolled. I don’t know why I paid attention to this particular promo – it must have been the “stare-at-the-car-wreck” reflex because, at the end of the 15-second promo, I said something like “What. The. F***?” The promo was for the November 1st episode of “New Amsterdam” called “Maybe Tomorrow.” According to NBC, the staff of a New York City fictional hospital “grapples with the Supreme Court abortion rights decision [overturning Roe v. Wade].”

According to a writer who follows TV dramas for a living, this is how the episode was developed and written (emphasis added):

Giving credit to the episode’s writer, Shanthi Sekaran, for the idea, executive producer Aaron Ginsburg tells TVLine, “It was very clear early on that we wanted one of our characters to have had an abortion and… to have had it not be a big deal in their life. That was like super important to Shanthi and to all the women in the room to, basically, showcase that this isn’t a big deal.

“The women in our writers’ room had very specific and passionate issues that they wanted to address that, frankly, there was pushback from other white men

“We had a line that we had to take out for time, but it was Bloom says to Reynolds, ‘I had hemorrhoids two years ago. Should I have told you about my hemorrhoids as well? Would that have made you feel better?’”


Did you catch that? A line comparing the destruction of human life to a case of hemorrhoids was written into the show but missed the cut. It missed the final, not because it is a monstrous and horrific line of ghoulish indifference, but was cut for time.

In the clip below, the opening depicts men weeping. The opening scene shows the lead actor with his eyes welling up and then looking at his toddler daughter, apparently worried that someday in the future, she might not have an unfettered right to abort a human being. People on the street, men and women alike, are in a “daze” because abortion has been returned to the states. All these characters act like they’ve been told they have two weeks to live. It would all be pretty silly if I didn’t know the writers outed themselves as evil ghouls.

There is no doubt that this show was teed up to specifically run the week before the midterm election. The producers and writers thought that abortion would be on the ballot and by running the show on the Tuesday before the election, they might cause a groundswell of weepy men and women who would discard every other issue and vote only for unfettered abortion candidates. Polls show the majority of people do not support abortion on demand in the second and third trimesters. “New Amsterdam’s” attempt to produce an election bump for “abortion on demand” candidates is an awful, cynical, and out-of-touch example of people who have no understanding of what is driving people to the polls next Tuesday or that a lot of women don’t think that a baby growing in their womb should be likened to a case of hemorrhoids


TV’s leftist messaging used to be somewhat covert — now it’s blatant and overt. The View’s Sunny Hostin compared suburban women voting for Republicans to cockroaches. I kinda wish I watched TV dramas just so I could turn them off.


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