Leftist Claims Lee Zeldin Is an Anti-Semite, Gets Hit With an Inconvenient Fact

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It seems like just yesterday that Joyce Carol Oates was trolling Twitter and was calling out my colleague Kira Davis (she’s running for school board BTW) for being in league with whiteness. Kira isn’t white – but because she doesn’t think like pasty white Oates, Oates assumed she was white.



Twitter is pretty famous for idiots with idiot takes and it’s particularly true of blue-checkmark leftists who have dog-piled on the Paul Pelosi attack as definitive evidence that Republicans are enemies of democracy and encouraged a crazy hippie to attack Paul Pelosi with a hammer.

There is no shortage of stupid takes from the left. They love to lob hate at people on the conservative side when they think they have an issue to grab. The Paul Pelosi attack, by a lunatic hippie, is the soup de jour for political violence, even though at the end of the day it’s more than likely the attacker was motivated by the voices in his head, not talking heads on TV.

George Soros is an older-than-dirt leftist intent on changing the justice system by installing leftist District Attorneys who are disinclined to enforce the criminal code. Soros has been asked about his beliefs and he’s made it clear he is an atheist. Then, what does he believe in? He believes in destroying American culture and her norms – nothing more. With billions to spend and little to look forward to, Soros seems to get a certain amount joy from installing leftist officials who will do what George Soros wants – that is, ruining the fabric of America. Besides being a leftist intent on the destruction of American culture, George Soros was born a Jew. Nothing he does is influenced by or a product of his Jewish heritage. He is Jewish by birth, and a leftist by design. Only the latter influences his life.


Each time Soros spends millions to install a local DA and that DA turns out to be a leftist who is more intent on protecting criminals than the public, conservatives inevitably point out the obvious: That Soros spent millions to elect [ x ] and [ x ] is a terrible public servant. The left’s response is to claim that any invocation of Soros, the billionaire who poured millions into local politics is really just an ugly anti-Semitic trope. It’s a simple argument. Soros was born a Jew, so any mention of him spending money is really just ancient anti-Semitic hatred. Leftists love to jump on that horse. Often that horse kicks them in the face.

Soros sees himself as a god. “It is a sort of disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out,” he once said.

Jack Sterne used to work for New York Attorney General Trish James and now is the “Communicator” at SKDK. SKDK claims that “There is no company that better understands the intersection of press, politics” than SKDK and Jack is its “communicator”. On Monday Jack offered some genius thoughts on politics. Jack reminded everyone that Lee Zeldin, the Republican who is in a practical dead heat with Kathy Hochul for the New York Governor’s race was an anti-Semite. Jack reminded the world that any mention of Soros was anti-Semitic and Lee Zeldin was the latest offender:


Just one problem. Lee Zeldin is a practicing Jew. Oops. But that didn’t stop Jack as he tried to jump on that horse one more time and got a faceful of horseshoes. It’s DeSantis who is the anti-Semite! cried Jack, and, and…the GOP!  Zeldin is standing next to him!

Smack! Right in the kisser, Jack.

Jack Sterne is the new Joyce Carol Oates.


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