Meghan Markle Markets the Clothes From Queen Elizabeth's Funeral

(AP Photo/Alastair Grant)

Meghan Markle, Grand Gaslighter of the Royal Usurpers, has some stiff competition for the crassest celebrity on the planet–but she efforts every day to hold off the completion.


When she visited Uvalde and placed flowers, she had in tow in team of  media photographers and videographers for an “unannounced” visit. She marked the moment by marketing herself. My colleague Bob Hoge called her out. So did social media.

I cartooned about her royal awfulness, and her bottomless ability to make everything about “MEghan.”

Meghan Markle hasn’t met a lie she didn’t like. She weaves myths and fantasy so often, it seems to be second nature. It likely is. She and Harry sat for an interview with Oprah, and should have burst into flames from the myth-making. But Oprah played along.

Her brand is victimhood. Everything is about her. Who hurt her. Who wouldn’t talk to her. Who wouldn’t listen to her. Who didn’t take her seriously – even when she was paid to stand and smile. In one of her latest Spotify podcast episodes, with guest Paris Hilton, the Duchess talked about her first gig in the “industry.” Markle doesn’t have turn-head beauty. She has a shapely figure and pretty face.


When the TV show “Deal or No Deal” was looking for models to hold briefcases with a number inside, she was picked because she looked like a model. Not too pretty, not plain. Not too tall, not too short. She and the other 25 models were “goldilocks.” Markle was paid to stand still hold a briefcase and smile. Nonetheless, she’s now shocked, shocked, mind you, that she was praised for her intellect. She sad that the “Deal or No Deal” producer didn’t ask her about quantum physics or debate Plato’s “The Republic” in the original Greek.

She objected to the process of making models, model-ready.

She said: “It was solely about beauty and not necessarily about brains… I was thankful for the job but not for how it made me feel which was, not smart.”

Markle felt objectified, but then went on to model partially nude. And her “Suits” character spent as much screen-time in her underwear as in her business attire.

Markle set her sights on marrying up, which I think is the ultimate in being a picked, objectified object. A shiny bauble with a smile. She can claim she married for love, but she sought out Harry like a heat-seeking missile–not for who he was but what he was. Now, she’s angry that she’s a Duchess, not a Princess.


When Queen Elizabeth died, Markle tried every angle to make it about her–where she walked, where she would sit, and what she would wear.

Now, in what should have been an anticipated move of crassness, she is marketing her funeral clothes.

She will never want for anything as long as she lives, but she’s marketing the clothes she wore to a relative’s funeral.

Why should anyone care? Maybe you shouldn’t. But you should realize, no matter how bad you beat yourself up over a mistake or a comment you regret, remember that no matter how crass or low you think you are, there is always Meghan Markle to top you.


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