Monday Cartoon: Arizona Senator Mark Kelly, Lost in Space

If you didn’t know, Mark Kelly was in the military Mark Kelly is here to remind you. Mark Kelly was in the military. Naval Aviator and a NASA astronaut.  If you didn’t know, he reminded voters via Twitter. He’s Captain Kelly on Twitter.


His Twitter bio also reminds everyone what he thinks is important. In order of importance:

  1. Combat vet
  2. NASA vet
  3. Husband to Gabby Gifford
  4. U.S. Senator

After Kelly got destroyed by Blake Masters in Arizona’s one and only senatorial debate Kelly was quick to go to the fallback position.

“Oh, yeah Blake? Do you think you know how to fight wars? I flew combat missions in the First Gulf War! I know how to fight wars better than you do!”

It’s a lazy, transparent reply that lacks any relevancy to policy positions. Kelly served. Super. His undergrad degree is in marine engineering from the Merchant Marine Academy. He got his master’s degree in aeronautical engineering. He didn’t attend Annapolis, nor did Kelly attend the Naval War College. I am at a loss for how that qualified as an expert on defense policy.

It doesn’t, of course.

Kelly the candidate was a bug headed toward the light during the debate. He was unprepared and got zapped. He couldn’t defend his positions and his attempts at zingers got leveled. Kelly’s worst moment was when he said he was laser-focused on the border since “day one”. Masters’ reply was masterful:


“We have a wide-open southern border, so if that’s the best you can do, I respectfully request you resign.”


Kelly has a distinguished resume that qualifies him to write a book or two. What his resume clearly did not help with was understanding policy or defending Biden’s failures. His two years serving in the Senate tells me he’s a Biden lackey. A Biden rubber stamp who needs to go.

Polls show Masters still trailing Kelly. What that tells me is that the people polled didn’t watch the debate. Kelly was lost in space.

Thank you for your service, Captain Kelly. Now, go away.


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