Friday Cartoon: America's Mussolini

Joe Biden has devolved into America’s Mussolini. Il Duce formulated what we now call fascism a little over a hundred years ago and then took power exactly 100 years ago as Italy’s prime minister. Within a short time, Mussolini was demagoguing and demonizing all opposition. He quickly turned into a tyrant.


On Thursday night, in front of a cherished American landmark, Biden used fascistic imagery of blood red lighting and a flag, a grand entrance with music, flanked by uniformed soldiers saluting the Commander as he and his wife emerged.

Biden took the stage, kissed his handler, and walked to the podium to deliver what was a disturbing abuse of America’s trust and his position. Biden’s shameful use of Marines as a less than muted demonstration of his authority as commander in chief tore at my gut. My dad is a Marine, my brother a Corpsman, and my son a SEAL. To see Marines used as political props, by anyone, is disgusting.

Biden quickly launched into a political demonization of 75 million Americans, disguised as a “presidential address”.

Biden has abused his office and the image of the presidency with mounting frequency. But this display of hubris was stunning. One need not be a Republican to see this political stunt was a “crossing the rubicon” moment. Biden has cast nearly half of America as his enemy, and a “danger to democracy.” His rhetoric has gotten shrill. His spokesperson reads from her talking points and labels everyone who disagrees with Biden as “extremists.” Biden was never an uniter. He’s a divisive demagogue.


In my opinion, Biden’s aim isn’t to prevent violence, rather he is inviting it. He wants a reaction. Don’t give it to him.

But no mean tweets. Just a petty demented tyrant. Il Duce Jr.


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