Thursday Cartoon: California's Going All Electric...WAIT, WHO TURNED THE LIGHTS OFF?!

Soon after Governor Hair-Gel announced that the Golden State would be banning cars that don’t depend on the electrical grid, the “California Independent System Operator” (ISO) issued an alert: “DON’T CHARGE YOUR ELECTRIC CARS, CALIFORNIANS”. It also asked Californians to avoid using appliances. Cool.


The ISO also stopped all maintenance of the grid for a week to keep the lights on. Nonetheless, the chances of brownouts and blackouts this Labor Day weekend are real.

There are about 29 million registered vehicles in California, with a little over one million being EVs. California is stressing the grid now. Imagine what happens when you have to own an EV, and the power is out.

HEY! WHO TURNED THE LIGHTS OUT? That would be Governor Hair-Gel.


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