Drunk Driver Paul Pelosi Sentenced to a Slap on His Pampered Wrist

Townhall Media

On May 28th, when Nancy Pelosi was in DC, maybe nursing a headache over her second scotch on the rocks – Paul Pelosi was barreling down a country road, drunk. Paul ran his brand new Porsche through a stop sign and blasted into a 2014 Jeep. The accident wrecked both vehicles.


While still sitting in his Porsche, Paul handed his “CHP11-99 Foundation” card ( a card given to charity donors) to the responding county deputies like it was his get-out-of-jail-free card. It nearly was. There was an effort to cover up or make it “go away” because he’s a Pelosi, and rich. Paul’s pals in government tried but failed to make it a non-event. The local DA stonewalled the media. Pelosi deployed a PR firm to make it go away. Mugshots that are typically available immediately were nowhere to be found.

Government toadies who were beholding to Pelosi and his “Do you know who I am?” type of attitude and money were trying as late as two weeks after Pelosi nearly killed someone, to make it go away.

When the heat was too hot, the DA finally acted (kinda) like a prosecutor and charged Paul Pelosi with two misdemeanors. Again, Pelosi wrecked two vehicles and came within an eyelash of killing the other driver. He should have been arraigned on felony DUI charges. He also likely had more than alcohol in his system. But he’s Paul Pelosi, and rich.


Pelosi initially pled not guilty. That changed when the DA and his attorney agreed to terms, on Tuesday. Pelosi pled to one count – violating California Vehicle Code 23153(a), a misdemeanor. The second count was dismissed “in the interest of justice”. Pelosi was not in court because he doesn’t have to be. His attorney made a “977” appearance for him.

The sentence includes a jail term of five days, but not really. The presiding judge gave Pelosi credit for four days. Two of those days were “actual time served”, and two were for “conduct credits”. In California, there is an automatic reduction for misdemeanor sentences which cuts them in half. How are the two days calculated? Pelosi was arrested and taken to jail before midnight. Those few minutes are credited as a “day” in custody. Once he was released the next morning, he was credited with another day. The “fifth” day will be spent in an 8-hour work program. Meaning – he will likely show up somewhere and read a book. So, other than spending a single night in a cell Pelosi will spend no time in an actual cell for nearly killing someone while he was drunk.


The rest of his sentence includes engaging in a three-month drunk driving program and one year with an ignition interlock device. He got three years probation and he must pay restitution. Raise your glass, Paul. Sweet deal.

Pelosi had no chance of prevailing at trial, and the “mystery” woman in the passenger seat of his now destroyed Porsche won’t have to appear as a witness and detail what Paul drank and consumed beforehand and what she was doing when Paul “blew” through a stop sign.

In short, Paul Pelosi paid a small price for what should have been a felony DUI. It’s nice to be married to the wicked witch, and rich.



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