Friday 'Toon: BREAKING: Leaked Mar-a-Lago Affidavit Revealed

It was top secret; super duper top secret; death penalty type of secret nuke codes secret. Then it wasn’t. It was classified documents, then it wasn’t. It was Trump’s napkins, then it wasn’t. It was love letters to Putin. Then it wasn’t. Espionage Act! It was his passport they seized to keep him from defecting to Saudi Arabia! Then it wasn’t. The warrant was for every document generated during Trump’s presidency. Wait. Doesn’t the 4th Amendment forbid general warrants? So? If Trump took a napkin with him he’s going to jail!


The judge who signed off on this general search warrant is the same guy who will decide on what, if any, parts of the affidavit are released. Good luck with that one. My prediction? Everything of substance is redacted except:



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