Church Pastor Bends a Knee, to CRT – The Word 'Picnic' Is Racist

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There is no shortage of “anti-racism” grifters. The author of “White Fragility,” Robin DiAngelo tops the list of race-baiting con artists. She’s turned her absurd hustle in her un-falsifiable book into a booming multi-million dollar business. If you’re white there is no way out of DiAngelo’s loop. If you don’t acknowledge you’re a racist, you are definitely a racist. If you do acknowledge you are a racist, it’s proof of white racism. Therefore, everyone white is a racist. It’s a type of grift that’s been used for centuries. It’s Hobson’s Choice.


DiAngelo isn’t alone in her con. Ibram X. Kendi is another. Kendi has written versions of the same thesis, that being – you cannot “heal” unless you acknowledge your white racism. Kendi’s birth name is Ibram Henry Rogers. Maybe he thought hustling people while they called him “Mr. Rogers” might be a hard sell. Anyway, for Kendi, it’s not enough for someone to say they are not a racist, they must acknowledge that they are racist and move on to being “anti-racist.” But, alas you’re still a racist, just a racist working at being a better, less racist, racist. He is very good at his con.  Hobson’s Choice.

The race grift has flooded into school classrooms too. Children under the age of three are told that they too are racists and need to be anti-racists. Kendi, aka Mr. Rogers, wrote a children’s book called the “Anti-Racist Baby” to do just that. It’s written for children under three. The federal government and every level of state and local governments hold anti-racist training paying thousands of dollars to grifters selling their own flavor of snake oil. If you’re white, you must admit your racism. If you don’t, you are definitely a racist.

Other race grifters like Nikole Hannah-Jones have sought to rewrite history. The 1619 Project was utter historical rubbish but Hannah-Jones won a Pulitzer for it. Notwithstanding The 1619 Project being sloppy garbage, it’s being used in school curriculums. For race-hustlers like Hannah-Jones, everything is racist. The notion that tipping a waiter is steeped in racism might seem utterly absurd but, it’s “her truth”.


It’s also nonsense, of course, but race-grifters hope that enough people will spread their nonsense, and eventually, their nonsense will become everyone’s dogma.

Words are also under attack. Words and common phrases are being used as cudgels by race hustlers. The Masters Tournament was originally called the Augusta National Invitation Tournament. It was changed by Iowa native and Augusta National founder Clifford Roberts as a tribute to the “Masters of Golf” who played it. It had no link to racism, but Augusta is located in the south so “The Masters” is racist.

All uses of “master” or “slave” are interpreted as racist references to black slavery. Master/slave is now a no-no in computer science (I best hide all those old hard drives). Real estate companies won’t use the term “master bedroom” now because it’s racist. There is zero evidence that “master bedroom” has any link to racism. The term, “master bedroom” started after World War II, but facts aren’t necessary for a race hustle.

Even words like “picnic” are now, racist. Yes, “picnic.” “Picnic” has its origins in England, (Chesterfield’s Letters) 1748 and references a fancy event where gentry brought various food items to outdoor events. The French called it piquenique.


Is “picnic” racist? Of course not, but the easily duped might think so.

A Michigan pastor fell for a meme that described “picnic” as racist. He was aghast. How many racist “P word” events had he attended in his life? God forgive him for his sin. Then, he learned the truth. “Picnic” has no racist etymological origin. Hell was avoided but the pastor decided, notwithstanding the truth, he best refrain from using the “P word.” Here he is bending a woke knee (or maybe both) to race-hustling nonsense.

But wait! There’s more!

This pastor wasn’t done being hustled. He hosted a guy named Prince Solace. Prince goes to churches and shakes them down for slavery reparation. He wants reparations for something no one in any church engaged in — ever. Reparations for an institution that was extinguished 157 years ago. Prince speaks in therapist monotones as he intones for cash. While a piano plays softly in the background, Prince makes his pitch to the congregation:

“Are you interested, are you invested in this idea of truly repairing the damages that have been caused by slavery? And this model of reparations is nothing new, it’s something that’s been talked about since slavery ended – right? And so we are serving as a local model for what’s happening on a national scale, umm Ta-Nehisi Coates has talked about the need for reparations.” 


He delivers his pitch like he’s quoting scripture, but all he’s doing is citing another race-grifter.

This church grift is elegant in its simplicity. Go to people who, traditionally, are more willing to give and grift them into paying for a sin they had no part in.

Do you know who else are racists? Yogi Bear and Boo Boo. Mostly Yogi. Boo Boo is still a racist but he’s working on it.



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